Best Upcoming Solana NFT Projects in December 2021

November 26, 2021

In this article, we will provide information about the upcoming Solana project that took our attention and will be launched in December 2021. The information has been collected from the official website of the project creators. We’ll be covering another Solana project if and this NFT goes by the name of Alpha Gorillaz. The art of this NFT is absolutely insane. We’ll be going through Discord and Twitter throughout this article, but first, let’s have a look at their website. The mint date is actually on the 3rd of December 2021.

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Alpha Gorillaz Project Review

Now, the first vibe of the website has to be good, and at the moment it looks absolutely insane. The name of the NFT is called Alpha Gorillaz. Now this NFT project has great utility and will be going through that throughout this article. But first of all, let’s have a look at what Alpha Gorillaz is all about. There are 5000 unique Alpha Gorillas, and there will be widely unleashed on the Solana blockchain. Ethereum is just way too expensive nowadays in terms of gas fees, and it just makes it so annoying to just get into some of these Ethereum NFT projects.

Solana is the alternative to today’s market. Alphas have a plan. The Alphas came to save their own species and carry away everyone they meet along the way. Meeting and keeping an Alpha brings you tremendous benefits, like a breeding feature to earn money, discounts raffles to win exclusive prizes, a chance to win and have an extraordinary Alpha experience.

But be careful. Not every Alpha is looking for a peaceful approach to solve the problem. So already we can tell that they are going to be different types of Gorillas. There’s going to mean to be evil ones and good ones, and we’ll be having a look at some of the art. Here is obviously one of the art that looks absolutely insane. It seems as though this Gorilla is probably evil as we can see with his costume and the red type of writing. It seems as though it’s blood, and it seems as though he’s holding something that he has killed as well.

Now, if you have a look at the project overview, the Alpha Gorilla consists of 5000 unique 3D Gorillas with more than a hundred different traits. The Alpha s are not only completely unique and rare works of art, but also have a benefit for the real world and the holders of the Alpha s. Be it donations to save the Gorillas. Raffles to win cash prizes. Or the opportunity to earn money as a holder of an Alpha Gorilla. So that’s pretty cool. There’s going to be some opportunities for you guys to earn money as a holder of one of these Gorillas, and minting is on the 3rd of December.

Make sure you do your own research before you do any of this. There’ll be raffles to also win cash prizes, so you know there’s a lot at stake right now and it’s going to be insane.

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Roadmap of the Project

The road map is definitely one of the most important parts of an NFT project. Most of these, I believe, will be checked off before mint and post mint. And I believe most of these points will be updated as well. Once they are checked off now for mission one, we have mint obviously, yet to come on the 3rd of December and mission two.

The Alphas will be listed on major Solana marketplaces, where you can actually trade some of these Alpha Gorillas. Then we have the donations and there will be working with some charities. That’s also a big advantage. And then we have the safari experience, the first digital comic Alpha merchandise. So that’s good.

They are going to put money into merchandise is to actually engage, the Alpha holders. And that comes after the first five hundred holders and those holders will get larger discounts for Alpha merch. Now let’s have a look at the utility and use case because this is highly important. You need to essentially have a loop for your investors to keep them engaged and staying within their project.

The Alphas are not only completely unique and rare works of art but also have a benefit for the real world and for the holders of the Alpha. They’ll be integrating donations play to earn lottery and tickets, so you can definitely earn yourself some raffles and some cash prizes. You know, while you actually have a minted Alpha Gorilla at the same time. So you’re going to be earning money alongside actually collecting these Alpha Gorillas on this side.

We’ll be having a look at their Twitter over here. They are nearing 1700 followers. The volume isn’t quite high, but they do have an. fanbase on the discord as well, they are doing tons of giveaways.

You can participate in them, all you have to do is join the discord, follow them at our Alpha underscore Gorillaz. You can actually do more than one entry. It’s definitely worth a shot, and you can definitely get yourself some cash on top of it.

Now, if we go with the mission line, that will definitely be bringing in some other variations of Alpha Gorillaz, but this one will be our friends. Mission nine: The Alphines are coming! Female gorillas help the Alphas on their journey. Together they can breed baby alphas!

Your Alphas and Alpha traits will be even more valuable, so that means after you mint two, you can get yourself a free baby Alpha, which will definitely make your mint more profitable and you can flip them on the marketplace, you’ll be able to make your Alpha and Alpha traits available on an Alpha breeding marketplace, and that’s obviously where you can actually flip them.

This way, you will not only be able to breed your desired baby Alpha, but you will also be able to lend your valuable traits to others by breeding. The rarer your traits, the more you can charge for your breeding loan and the more money you can make with your Alphas. So that’s definitely insane. Definitely something quite different and a breath of fresh air in the Solana NFT marketplace. I’ve never seen something like this where the two can actually breed and that is quite cool.

The fact that the Alpha merch is coming out is actually pretty insane to engage investors and people that are, you know, have already minted one of these Alpha Gorillas.

Team Behind This Project

Now let’s have a look at the team because the team is important.

We have the silverback (, the specialist and the summoner (

The artist has already done a really good job. As we can see with some of the art. They just look insane now as we can see, there are going to be different types of Gorilla Alphas. The one will be good, one will be bad and there’ll be a mediator between three.


It definitely does look promising. In our opinion, this is the best upcoming Solana NFT project in December – Alpha Gorillas. You can have a look at their discord, the website and Twitter. And of course, they have different traits rarities, which I didn’t get go over since they are coming soon and over here.