Crypto Cones: Solana NFT Projects to Mint in February 2022

January 21, 2022

This NFT project will take you back to the future, in the coolest way.

Crypto Cones is one of the Solana NFT Projects to Mint in February 2022 that we’re keeping an eye on. Started by a creative guy named Dom, Crypto Cones is taking the fashion, movies, music, and attitudes from the past and bringing them into Web 3 with their own flair and style. These colorful cones encapsulate aspects from iconic works in the past, from Star Wars to popular music from the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s.

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The Art and Inspiration

So where did this idea for colorful, culturally significant cones come from? True to nostalgia-inspired form, they were originally pulled from Dom’s childhood. As a kid, he used to doodle a cone-like character that has grown into the bearer of retro goodness that makes up the Crypto Cones. The goal with the art and the project as a whole is to capture that feeling of nostalgia that you get when you see, say, a D.A.R.E. to resist drugs t-shirt or an original MTV logo. By bringing back these blasts from the past, the founders hope to take holders back to a time when the future was bright and we had our whole lives ahead of us. A time when arcades were new, MTV was about music, and Star Wars was trending (because it was new, not because it became a classic).

The art itself is bright, fun, and colorful. It’s family friendly, created by dads with future generations in mind. Lighthearted, it takes the adults of today back to their childhood and lets kids experience some of the classic styles and sensations that colored their parents’ childhood. When the past classics collide with the technology of the future, it looks a lot like a CryptoCone.

The Mint Details

Public Mint Date: February 22 @ 6:00 am UTC+0
Whitelist Price: 0.75 SOL
Public Mint Price: 1 SOL
Whitelist Requirements: It’s easy! Just fill out the form and be one of the first 50 to adopt a Cone.

The Team

Oftentimes NFT project teams are shrouded in anonymity, which can make it hard to vet the project and determine if the team can actually deliver on their promises. Not having a publically doxxed team also makes it easier for a project to “pull the rug” on investors and disappear with little to no consequences. That’s why it’s refreshing to see a project with such a documented and public team, with no shortage of experience.

Dom is the founder and leader of Crypto Cones and is not new to creating and building. In fact, he has quite an impressive resume/CV that you can find here. He is a graphic designer and brand builder by trade and has been perfecting his craft for over 25 years.

Rob, whose role is the “OG Cone Producer”, has experience in web 3 development and is also heavily involved in the sneaker game. This gives him an edge in the world of NFTs in that both are collectable. By bringing that experience and knowledge of what’s valuable (especially to collectors), he’s helping the Crypto Cones build a foundation of future value on which to expand.

Alex is in charge of security and community development and has been involved in the crypto NFT space for quite some time now. Some of his passions include gaming and beer, both of which have vibrant communities and cultures that influence the development of the #retrosphere.


Like many great things in history, this project started as an exploratory mission: as an experiment into the realm of web 3, that’s already grown far beyond its humble beginnings. The Crypto Cones in its current form is a unique, fresh take on a PFP collection that doesn’t involve humanoids or animals and is the first project of many that will eventually make up the “#retrosphere”. This #retrosphere will capture nostalgia through visual art, animation, and even music in the projects to come. This long-term view with plans already in motion is a healthy sign for a project.

Crypto Cones is just the first of many, but as such will hold a special place in the #retrosphere. The founders aim to provide a clean and simple foundation project on which to build the rest of the sphere and as is the case with many collectables, the first version MATTERS.

We conceived each CryptoCones with the PFP format in mind – they fit well as an avatar by balancing minimalism, vibrancy, cleanliness and expression. – Crypto Cones traits explained here.

There are currently over 6 projects in the works for 2022 to further build out the sphere after this genesis project. “CryptoCones will likely be the only avatar-based project in 2022 and will be the keys that unlock access to our future projects,” said the founders in an interview. This #retrosphere is about to evolve, and it’s all starting with the Cones. Owning 3 Crypto Cones will grant special privileges for future drops, so quantity might matter. In addition, the first 500 Cone members will have access to a special, exclusive VIP merch drop after the project sells out. And this is just the beginning, with more utilities to come.


Whether you’re new to NFTs or you’re a seasoned collector, Crypto Cones presents an interesting combination of valuable traits that make it worth checking out. From an art standpoint, they’re well-drawn and produced, and the cultural nostalgic symbols are sure to display parts of your past that have had an influence in making you, YOU. From an investment standpoint, although this is not financial advice, the first edition may provide more opportunities in the #retrosphere to come, making it an intriguing proposition. And finally, from a fun standpoint, these subjects are drawing a positive, creative, and culturally apt community that’s just getting started. What are your thoughts on the Crypto Cones? Are you ready to merge the past and the future?