How do NFT Airdrops Work?

November 30, 2021

If you are new to the cryptocurrency and NFT world, there are a lot of new concepts to learn, but one of the things you may have seen in forum discussions and other content is people talking about an airdropped NFT. An airdrop is when a currency or NFT developer sends user’s NFTs straight to their wallets for free. It is used as a marketing tool to raise awareness of an NFT publisher or new currency or project, and can be a nice addition to any wallet, but how do NFT airdrops work?

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How to get NFT airdrop

Everyone loves something for free, so it’s not surprising that if you receive an airdrop NFT token, you pay attention. That is why it is such an effective way of promoting a new NFT project, after all, if someone sent you a present to your home, you would take the time to look up who it was and why they were doing it, right? It’s the same thing when airdropping NFT gifts, it gives people a reason to check out the project.

It is the same principle whether it’s sending NFTs to wallets for free or sending a new coin, they are all airdrops, whether an Ethereum airdrop or safe NFT gift, the goal is to get the recipient to engage with the airdroppers next project. Of course, the question is, not just knowing how to do a crypto airdrop, but how to get the free NFTS and tokens from others.

How to get a free NFT airdrop

If someone is airdropping NFT, you want to be in on it to get a free safe NFT, so does NFT airdrop work? While there are a number of ways that airdrops are created, if you want to enjoy a free airdrop NFT token then the best approach is to join, follow and share a project’s social media channels.

They normally have community chats on Discord or Telegram too, being part of that also increases your chances of safe NFT drop. When an airdrop is announced through those channels, you have a short time to register, with limited spots available to receive a free NFT or coin. There may be more than one airdrop from a project, depending on how well the NFT or coin is received, but if you are successful, you will receive an NFT directly to your wallet.

For NFTs, especially if you have not yet bought any, it is important to make sure your crypto wallet is NFT compatible before registering.

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What is Smart NFT airdrop and how it works?

When a company sets out to take part in the airdrop NFT game, they are committing to giving away a set number of their NFTs to users, who are then free to do what they want with that NFT afterwards. For people wanting to know how to do a crypto airdrop it is the same process as with NFTs, the developer offers registration for their airdrop NFT token, with only as many spots allowed as NFTs they plan to give away.

During registration, applicants are asked to give their wallet address where they can receive the free NFT, and as the Ethereum airdrop for NFTs is completed, every successful applicant received an NFT into their wallet, just as if you had bought the NFT on a sales platform.

What is APENFT airdrop?

APENFT was set up with the mission of registering world-class artworks as NFTs, acting as a bridge between leading artists and blockchain, providing new revenue streams and bringing attention to the wider NFT market and NFT artists themselves.

APENFT is built on the TRON network blockchain, and the airdrop seeks to reward followers with a once per month airdrop of NFTs. To qualify for the APENFT airdrop, users must hold at least one of TRON, JST or BTT cryptocurrencies, and have an NFT enabled wallet to receive the airdrop itself.

The APENFT airdrop is slightly different in that is a reoccurring event, held on the 10th of every month after launching in June 2021, and has attracted widespread support throughout the cryptocurrency industry. Major exchanges, including Binance and Kucoin have integrated the APENFT drop into their systems, supporting the drop through their own wallet systems.

In terms of airdropping NFT rewards, there is no program on offer to match the APENFT drop in scale right now. If you wanted to answer the question of how does NFT airdrop work, this is perhaps the best example.


There are minor variations, but when seeking answers for how do NFT airdrops work, it is relatively simple. Follow the project you are interested in, sign up when they launch an airdrop, receive the free NFT directly to your wallet.