New NFT Games Coming Out in 2022

December 14, 2021

This games below have huge potential. If you’re a gamer who gets excited about new NFT games coming out in 2022, you probably need to know that it’s going to take some time before your dreams come true. The reason is, that developers usually don’t release games until the game is actually finished and polished.

So if you want to be first in line to get or invest in a new NFT game as soon as it comes out, then read on…

We’ve noticed something strange about the recent trend of NFTs. Many people who used to be obsessed with their JPEGs are now starting to say: “Yeah, those are nice, but I want a little more. I want to be able to bring them into a virtual world, and I want to be able to dance as my NFT in front of other people in the pixelated kingdom.”. It’s GameFi.

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What is GameFI?

It’s a combination of gaming and real money economies. People will see more activity at GameFi during the next couple of months than they have all year, but just like when people realized that NFT collectibles were going to be a thing and got hit with a huge wave of low-effort projects and rug pulls. They’ll see something similar happen in the world of gaming. And if you aren’t careful, your FOMO might lead you into one of these switch gurus. We’re going to dip in and out a little bit of alpha for you and sprinkle it throughout the article. And basically, what I’ll do is go through some games that are launching in the next 30 days or games.

There’s no doubt in our mind that the more project relies on utility and future promises, the more important it is that you can trust in the team’s ability to execute.

As the complexity of games increases, so does the importance of being able to spot, prevent and handle hacks. This requires a system which allows you to check out a team’s track record, and the people who handle the wheel. If they are anonymous, you need to be sure they have some reputation, and if they’re fully documented, their resume should contain at least one project that has been successful in the past.

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Let’s get into it.

Game #1: Kaizen Corps

Kaizen Course is set to release its first batch of NFTs on December 12th at a price of 0.77 SOL, with the price slowly increasing with each batch after that for a total of just under ten thousand NFTs. What you have to know is that there’s been a theme in the NFT gaming where these teams make huge promises of future AAA games that they’re going to make with all the bells and whistles. And in reality, it’s a lot harder than you think. And even if the idea behind the game is good, it’s likely that you’re going to end up with pretty crappy graphics and the chance that it’s a glitchy mess goes up the more complex the product becomes.

There’s minimal actual virtual world gameplay like you would expect from – a console game. We’ve seen puzzle games take off with collections like Lost Poets and Neo Tokyo, and we think it’s still a very underexplored category. These types of games are more lightweight, and so it’s easier to go to market with them and to fine tune them based on user feedback. And because they’re social, it’s the type of game that easily gets shared on Twitter and other social media platforms. That is the prime marketing space for NFTs.

So, going back to Kaizen Core, that’s exactly what this is, or at least what the first version of this game is going to be. They’re taking this structure of domination, which is a popular tabletop game, and they’re combining it with on chain mechanics and discord social gameplay.

To be specific, players are split into different factions, and they compete for dominance during 24 hours cycle. As they said here in the first version of the game, the only tool that players will have at their disposal is faction specific Discord channels. This is where all the planning and strategizing will take place among faction members. Once faction members have decided on a course of action, individual players will submit their move for the cycle early next year. They do plan on creating a polished dashboard for the game, but even that will be much more lightweight than the typical promise game that you’ll see from other projects. If you’re interested in this game, we do recommend going through their medium and you’re going to quickly see how thoughtful they’re being about all aspects of the game, from the art to the game theory to the lure.

Algorithmically generated Kai

Game #2: Aurory

The main reason you’re going to buy into this collection is because of the utility. And so first off, you’re going to get a lot of the same benefits that you’ll see from other game NFTs, such as in-game cosmetics, access to playable demos and betas. You’re going to get NFT airdrops.

The game could take off, and so the percentage of game sales should become substantial. However, if you are going to hold Aurories and participate in the DAO, you will be rewarded by the community. So, if you are in the DAO, theoretically, everyone can just vote to airdrop.

Now, if you can’t afford the NFT, another way to get exposure to this game is with their token $AURY, and you can get this from an exchange like FTX and then stake it for a period of time and earn rewards along the way. And as you can see on FTX website, the current APR for lock tokens is 190%. Now they are planning on releasing the private beta by the end of the year, and people who hold the NFTs have a good chance of getting access to it.

Check their official video below:

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Game #3: Voxies

We are getting close to the launch of their full game. They were aiming for a release by the end of December. Now, Voxies are a set of ten thousand NFTs, currently selling for about 0.5 ETH. And the NFTs give you benefits tied to an upcoming free to play tactics game that already has a playable demo. The closest comparison might be Vox Collectibles, which was released by GALAH Games. And by the way, if you’re wondering who copied who boxes did come out first, but anyways, pay attention to the price because Vox collectibles are at about 1.7 ETH, while as we said, Voxies are at about .5 ETH with just a slightly larger collection size.

Voxies Roadmap

It has one of the most legit developer teams of any upcoming NFT game that we’ve seen so far. They’re being led by someone who spent 15 years at Ubisoft and EA, and they have a good mix of game designers and finance specialists, which is important because remember, you’re building games, but you’re also building economies here, so you need both to make this sustainable long term.

The game itself looks way above what most other player-to-earn games look like. The genre itself isn’t for everyone, it’s a tactics-based game, but it is incredibly polished.

They’ve taken a very thoughtful approach to how you, as one of the holders of the NFT, can get value in return even if you don’t necessarily play the game. So first, if you do play the game, players can earn Voxel tokens, and then if the item drops at random as you complete quests and win battles. The rarer your Voxie, the higher the reward rates. And after a game, you’d receive a summary outlining the NFTs and Voxel tokens that you receive.

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Some of the biggest multimillion-dollar NFT games are being developed. They’ll continue to find ways to reward the people that have supported them. You know how you always hear about new NFT games coming out in 2022 being released? Well, you better get ready for new ones to be released soon because it seems that NFT games are taking off in a very big way.