The Chimp Fight NFT – An NFT Project To Watch in April 2022

April 8, 2022

This project is packed with fascinating perks and features for members like P2E games, token airdrop, and most importantly, fine art pieces. There are numerous NFT projects in the NFT market now, but this one seems to stand out with the features and well-laid out plans by the team. The Chimp Fight NFT project is one of the most promising NFT projects to watch out for this year.

Quick Review

Mint price: 2 SOL
Supply: 5000

Let’s explicitly explore the Chimp Fight NFT and see what’s in store for members.

Art & Economics

Chimp Fight is a generative NFT P2E game developed on the Solana Blockchain. Each Chimp within the ChimpFight comes with numerous trait sets such as Art, Combat, Equipment, and Socials.

Owners will be able to customize their chimp fighter NFT to depict their style and strategies. They can also equip them with items, consume trait power-ups and confront their colleagues to combat. Outcomes of the combat will be permanently stored on the blockchain.

You will be able to customize your bloodthirsty chimpanzee warriors to be Solana’s perfect killing machines through the Bioreactor.

The Chimp Fight Bioreactor is a means of interacting with your trait set and customizing it to fit your style and personality.

Check their website to see different Chimp Fight NFT avatars.

Warning!!! – You might get stuck there.

Screenshot from high definition desktop game


The Chimp Fight NFT is more than just an ordinary art. It’s a gateway to Play-To-Earn combat games and a unique Metaverse experience. You will be able to compete in friendly skirmishes and battle to the death combat.

Furthermore, you can also play any of the numerous mini-games in the CF:VR playground.

The chimp fight combat system (C.F.C.S) is designed in three categories to enable owners to enjoy a wide range of gaming experiences. Highlighted below are the categories of chimp first combat systems.

Chimp Fight: Chat

Allow your inner animal to explode through the text combat arena. You will play a 1v1 combat with your friends, and your battle records are stored on the blockchain. You can always reference them to brag about your winnings.

Chimp Fight: Arena

You will experience Chimp Fight in exciting ways in this Arena. 1v1, 5v5, and fascinating 12v12 death matches. It is available on MacOS and Windows.

Chimp Fight: VR

The Chimp Fight VR game gives an exciting way to challenge your friends and family in a virtual reality combat universe. You have access to customize your Chimp, prepare in the garage and battle your colleagues.

The games are fascinating ways to enjoy virtual combat similar to real-life video games. Do you remember the popular Mortal Combat series?

The Chimp fight combat system offers features beyond expectations. Check through their website to get filled up on the project.

Furthermore, the project has two playable games; High definition shootout, which can be played on desktop devices, and the other one with an Oculus headset. All games are available for verified Chimp Fight NFT holders and community members only.

The Chimp Fight Combat System will encounter evolution as time, development, and community feedback advance.

Another interesting fact about the Chimp Fight project is that the combat system and marketplace are built on GUI. This process will enable users to have fun and immersive experiences through the increment of interactions with community members.

It will also change the perceived worth of each NFT depending on in-game achievement and avatar stats.


A team is what will make or break an NFT project. The key ingredient to a good project is a good team, and we think the Chimp Fight NFTs score high in this aspect.

The team members are individuals with vast experience in their area of expertise. See below the credentials of some team members below;

RickWriggler (Executive Director, Developer) – Co-developer and current majority shareholder of Degenerate Ape Academy, former Sr. Software Developer in the legal industry, entrepreneur.

Veritas Veritatum (On-chain Developer) – Lead Developer and majority shareholder of Degenerate Ape Academy, Software Architect, On-chain Developer specializing in Python, Rust, JS, Electrical Engineer (M.S.).

Ryno (Business Manager) – Business Development, Venture Capitalist.

ShadowMan (Marketing Coordinator and Business Relations) – Entrepreneur, Business Owner, Consultant, Equity Futures Trader, Community Moderator for Degenerate Ape Academy.

GizmoDroid (Community Manager) – Project consultant, former Global IT Architect at Fortune 50 company, Entrepreneur Fansi (Game Developer) – Unreal Engine development expert Kristoph (Artist, Developer) – Principle Engineer.

The team is privately doxxed to the launchpad they partnered with but have chosen to remain anonymous presently. The team members’ credentials are enough conviction that this project is a reliable one.


The team has well-structured plans for the project throughout the year’s quarters, and they are already executing them. The Roadmap is available on their website but let’s summarize it.


The team has five plans for the first quarter of the year. The plans are;

  • The community Presale.
  • Virtual reality game demo release for verified NFTs holders
  • Desktop game demo for verified holders (zombies, PvP, and more).
  • Website update.
  • Launchpad minting (Prime Legion collection).


The plans for quarter two of the year are listed below:

  • Release the Bioreactor on a new website for combat trait generation and induction into the Chimp Fight Combat System.
  • Desktop game beta for verified holders with multiple game modes.
  • Release Troops and team-based fighting schedules for verified holders within the Chimp Fight community
  • Weapons, armor, and consumables will be available for purchase at the Armory through the Chimp Fight GUI.
  • The launch of the marketing campaign for ChimpFight and the NANA utility ecosystem.


  • The Colosseum game navigation UI will be set up for holders to choose customized game modes and challenges.
  • Users will be able to burn NANA tokens for randomly generated items ranging from uncommon to mythic at the Temple via the Chimp Fight GUI.
  • Chimp holders will be able to fight against NFT holders from other collections that induct themselves into the Chimp Fight Combat System (via the Bioreactor) in all available game modes.


The team plan for the last quarter of the year is the public launch of the desktop game. All game modes will be available to NFT holders and full P2E integrations.


There’s not much information about the Whitelist for now, but you can join their Discord and speak with the team. It is a community-driven project, and the team is ready to listen to your questions and feedback.

Other Benefits

Holders of the Chimp Fight have other benefits apart from digital combat. Verified holders will have access to all of the early alpha demo playable.

As an NFTs holder, you will also receive daily $NANA rations for each chimp you hold through simple in-game activities. You can increase your $NANA rations through equipment modifiers, consumables, combat season participation, e.t.c.

That’s not the end. There are other benefits holders will enjoy, like weekly supply drop for the top 3 on all leaderboards.

The website contains complete details on the project and its benefits. Why don’t you check it out for yourself here?

Proper scrutiny of the Chimp Fight project reveals its full potential and the features it offers community members or holders.

Do you want to Join the Chimp Fight and enjoy digital combat and a unique metaverse experience?

Connect with them on their website and social media platforms such as Twitter and Discord.