How to Promote NFT Collection in 2023 – A New Strategy

January 6, 2023

Things are changing very fast in the NFT industry and the promotion of upcoming NFT projects. What was happening in 2021 on Twitter, Facebook, Discord, and Reddit was just a sign that people were not innovative enough. They kept spamming each other by flooding new upcoming projects. Their goal was to get whitelisted and invite new investors to upcoming NFT projects – a short term solution that’s not very effective. I don’t think they were successful. 

We’ll go through the steps necessary so you will know how to promote your NFT collection in 2023 – a more native way of NFT promotion.

The reality is you have to be effective in marketing. Short term hype isn’t enough.  A good marketing strategy is the key to getting believers to adopt your project, not just short term – before public minting date and after.

Let’s have a look at a step by step guide to market your upcoming NFT project:


Get listed on many upcoming NFT project calendars. The most popular are for Etherium projects, for Solana projects, as well as NFT Calendar for all blockchains. These websites have a lot of website visitors that are likely to be interested in your upcoming NFT project. The process to get listed is straightforward. Fill the form to submit on the upcoming project calendar, and you will get noticed after being approved. That is the easiest way to promote an NFT collection in 2023.


This is a LONG TERM approach. For a small fee, you can get a professional review that will be shown to thousands of people. 

A proper NFT website does keyword research and writes an article or review about your project. Professionals know that keeping a keyword “longtail” and optimising a review for that exact keyword will continuously bring organic traffic from major search engines. 

Be notified of new NFT project reviews and get even more.

How to get a review for your NFT project?

Look for websites with many visitors in the NFT industry and ask them to write a review for your project. This method works well as they can promote organically or use paid targeted advertising to engage new readers on social media. This is probably the best way to promote an NFT project at this time. Content is still a king in digital marketing. You can contact us for more information.

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Native advertising is an ad format that combines a display ad with a content article or piece of editorial. The content of a native ad can be, for example, a banner of your upcoming NFT project. In this case, you build on awareness and get visibility with your target audience. Native advertising (or ad-supported content) is a practice that has been around for quite some time but only recently have people started paying attention. If you need such advertising, click here.

NFT Native Ads Examples


Start by building a community on your preferred social media network; Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, … Start with giveaways and contests. But do not post only your own promotions. You should also share what others said about your project. For instance, share your NFT project review from an independent source. This makes a more dynamic news feed. Share reviews about your project to NFT groups on Facebook and make it visible organically. 


Connect with micro-influencers that have high engaging rates. Use this engagement rate calculator to see how they engage with followers. But here’s is one hint; never deal with influencers without crypto / investment followers. How to get those influencers? On Instagram and Twitter, you can find them with the help of hashtags. You can contact them on their social media or website. Tell them about your project; they will most likely share it with their followers. You’re more likely to get followers if they can make a video about your project and add it to your website.

6. SEARCH FOR YouTubers

YouTube is the second largest search engine. As you probably noticed, Google search results are sometimes shown with videos first. This is because it is more likely that people would rather watch a YouTube video for a specific keyword. If you are looking for YouTubers, you will find them easily. Just type BEST UPCOMING NFT PROJECTS, and you will see many video channels doing reviews for money. Go to their channel, contact them and ask them to promote you. This is another organic promotion that can help you keep the hype for your project long-term and, more importantly – keep your NFTs price growing FLAT PRICE. 


AltspaceVR hosts a wide variety of NFT events. They’re typically very niche and exclusive, so you’ll probably know about them if you’re a collector or active in their crypto space. Twitter is a good source for finding out about these events. How to promote on Metaverse events? Go to the metaverse events page, click “settings”, then scroll down until you see “enable event promotion”.

8. DISCORD and TELEGRAM – Traditional way you won’t miss

The next step to Telegram is Discord, an excellent platform for the community of crypto projects. The NFT industry is similar to the gaming industry, so creating a Discord chat within the same channel makes sense. Suppose the team from your project is competent, polite, knowledgeable about your project, and responsive. In that case, the NFT project is ready for success! Nevertheless, Telegram remains the number one platform for the crypto community, so the Telegram channel will have priority.


Email marketing is a kind of advertising strategy that sends an email message to a group of people at one time or one time to many recipients. This is done via email, as opposed to snail mail, and includes sending emails with offers and promotions, customer service, or other information.

Yes, this method is still working! Don’t have an email audience yet? Why don’t you try with a landing page and make a giveaway to people who subscribe to your list? You also have other options to build your list, but you should be innovative … Ask us how we would do it.


What is is well known online publishing service for authors to write, edit, publish, and promote their content in one place. It’s a free service that will make it easy for you to get your work into the hands of readers across the globe.


Most of the available NFT projects are marketed through growth hacking rather than traditional advertising. So, it’s hard to do it alone. If you want to promote your NFT project, we suggest hiring a professional. At least for PR. The best way to promote your NFT collection in 2023 is with your own unique marketing strategy. You have to decide if you have enough resources to do all of them and think differently than the others. We hope this article will help you choose the most effective marketing methods for you and get you closer to reaching your goals. 

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