Sell out your NFT Project

We both know that short-term hype isn’t enough, so we are more strategic and we offer advertising packages that bring the best results. The most successful service that turned out as very beneficial in the past was writing a review about the project and creating advanced and narrow paid ads campaigns. We have a database of users that are very likely to convert and are interested in NFT projects. The good thing here is that we can retarget visitors that read through at least 75% of your review and remind them to mint a few days before the D-day. Feel free to contact us if you need a more detailed explanation of the services we provide.

Here is the list of our advertising activities you can choose from:

Advertising activities we offerPackage #1 Package
Listing your project in our NFT calendar
A featured listing of your project, exposure to 62k visitors of our calendar
Banner on our website for 2 weeks
Mentioning you in our next newsletter
Advanced targeting paid ads campaigns to your project listing
Organic social media presence (FB group we own, FB page, Twitter, Instagram)
Creating an expert review article about your project
SEO optimized review for a specific keyword, very quick top ranking in search results guaranteed
Advanced and very narrow targeting paid ads campaigns to your project review (FB, Google, Youtube)
Banner in the middle of our most popular articles for 2 weeks
Pricing99 USDC349 USDC
(120 USD paid ads budget included)
549 USDC
(150 USD paid ads budget included)