Re-Evolution Planet NFTs – Solana NFT Project To Watch In June 2022

June 14, 2022

Re-Evolution is an innovative project consisting of NFTs, a transformational game, and a P2E token. It is a Solana NFT Project to watch in June 2022 as it promises holders exclusive benefits, passive income, and access to Re-Evolution games.

Deep scrutiny of this NFT project reveals its distinct and outstanding features. Many NFT projects are in the market, but the Planet NFTs offer holders exceptional benefits, and the charity work is another feature that makes it stand out among others.

Quick Review:

Full Name; The Re-Evolution Planet NFTs.

Blockchain: Solana.

PreSale Date: 18th June 2022 @ 6:30pm UTC+0

Public Sale Date: 18th June 2022 @ 7pm UTC+0

WL price = 1.5 Sol

Public sale price = 2 SOL

Special Utility: Access to Re-Evolution games and Play to earn income.

Connect with the Re-Evolution community on their website and social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Tiktok.

Let’s explore the perks and features of the Re-Evolution Planet NFTs.

Art & Economics.

The Re-Evolution Planet NFTs is a collection of 5000 unique NFTs built on the Solana blockchain. Each NFT has its unique attributes, assets, and rarities that will complement the planet.

You will receive only one of the limited 5000 NFTs to develop and begin your Re-Evolution Journey. Which planets will you get?.

As a holder, you will become the supreme ruler of your distinct planet. You will captain your planet through time and evolution and create all things in it.

The question is

“Will you do a better job than we humans have done on Planet Earth?”

Interesting. Isn’t it? Check their website to get the whole picture of the project.

5000 unique NFTs built on the Solana blockchain


The Re-Evolution project is beyond just NFTs. The project comprises NFTs, transformational games, and a P2E token.

However, unlike most NFTs saturated in the market recently, which only function as expensive JPEGs and artworks, the Planet NFTs have utilities which make it worth your investment.

As a holder of Planets NFT, you will have access to exclusive, innovative, and P2E games. Additionally, you will have the luxury to earn an income while you rule the planets.

The project is a community-driven one. Everybody is taken into consideration. Non-gamers can earn passive income from renting their planets out to enable holders to earn by playing. There is a limited mint of 5000 planet NFTs, so anybody that doesn’t own a planet NFT can also play the Re-Evolution game by renting from another holder.

For investors, Asides the P2E features and renting out of planet NFTs, the project seems like a good investment because the planet NFT retains game progress, thereby increasing the value of the initial NFT investment.

Simply put, since the game’s progress is attached to each planet NFT, the floor price will increase in demand, and secondary buyers will start with a much more passive income.

The Planet NFTs is not just an avenue for entertainment. It also empowers wealth and happiness amongst community members.

The Re-Evolution Team

The Re-Evolution team, Like many other team projects, values its privacy and remains anonymous for now. The team has only represented themselves with planet names.

However, since the start of the Re-Evolution project in 2021, the team’s actions have shown that they do not give fake promises and have given the community tangible reasons to trust them.

The team has also mainly been active across the project’s social media platforms and the community Discord.

The three founders of Re-Evolution are known as Saturn, Titania, and Ariel. The founders are individually KYC-doxxed with assured DeFi. A critical look at their credentials is enough conviction that the team is solid.

We’ve highlighted below the summary of the team member’s experience and credentials. You can check their website for more information.

Saturn is the founder and lead developer of the project and has vast experience and passion in back-end and game development. Saturn’s experience value is rich with a history of work in software engineering at a fortune 10 big tech company.

Titania is the head of business and finance. Having started and headed many successful businesses is equipped with substantial knowledge in numerous fields and can be considered a demon by business standards.

Titania is the oracle of governance for the Re-Evolution team and has the proven business intuition and skills to manage the project successfully.

Ariel, the head of marketing & communications, has had comprehensive education and a wealth of experience in this field precisely. Ariel is a genius in anything community-related and offers both skill and excitement to the Re-Evolution team.


The team has a solid roadmap with which they are presently executing to drive the project in the right direction. The roadmap is parked with sufficient plans to provide an exceptional experience for community members.

The website contains a detailed guide on the project roadmap, and the team has been following it since the project’s inception in 2021.

Below is the Roadmap summary for the remaining quarters of the year. You can check their website for the full details of the Roadmap.


The project plans for the second quarter of this year are;

  •  Influencer marketing.
  •  Advertisements of the project on Social media.
  • Building of minting DApp.
  •  Private & public sales of Planet NFTs.
  •  Magic Eden and Solanart listing.


The project will undergo the following plans for the Q3 section of the year;

  • Re-Evolution games development.
  • The Design of Species NFTs.
  • Publication of project Tokenomics.


The team will round off the year with the following plans;

  •  Cinematic and Gameplay trailers.
  •  Launch of Re-Evolution game and species NFTs.
  • Launch the Re-Evolution Token.


There are 2000 whitelist spots that will be accessible on a first-come, first-served basis. If you want a spot on the whitelist, you will join the community Discord and attain level 10. You must also have three confirmed invites in the group to secure your whitelist spot.

You can start your journey of securing a whitelist spot by joining their Discord group here. Remember, the spot is limited, and once they’re gone, they’re gone.

Other Attributes And Benefits.

We’ve already established some attributes of the Re-Evolution project. However, another big part of the project is Charity work.

The team does not only aim to provide excellent games to entertain and empower wealth amongst community members, but they also wish to give back to the community through charity.

The project will be donating a proportion of proceeds to community-nominated charities. The discord community members will unanimously decide which charities to support via monthly polls on the server.

Furthermore, giveaways will be run on the group when the projects meet specified trading targets. This is to reward the community for helping them generate income for humanitarian services. Along with this, The Meridio governance token offers a DAO community for holders to join.

Another benefit Planet NFTs holders will enjoy is exclusive access to holder-only whitelist offers for the Species. The benefits don’t stop there. There is also an innovative planet rental system where holders can earn passive income. Holders can earn substantial income by renting out their planets.

Final Note.

Proper scrutiny of the Re-Evolution Planet Project has revealed the exciting perks and features it offers to community members.

Don’t you want to join a community that offers fantastic game experiences, wealth empowerment schemes and also engages in humanitarian service?

Connect with the Re-Evolution community on their website and social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Tiktok, and begin your Re-Evolution journey.