Solana NFT Projects to Watch in December 2021

December 7, 2021

The Nerd Club. The age-old battle between nerds, jocks, and everyone else continues into Web 3.0 with, one of the newest Solana NFT projects to watch in December 2021.

Find their website HERE. Find their Twitter HERE. And their Discord HERE.

In a sea of hundreds and thousands of NFT projects, it can be hard to tell which ones have potential and which ones aren’t worth your time (or SOL in this case). The Nerd Club caught our eye for a few reasons, including their team, roadmap, and ever-developing utility. Let’s dive into what makes this project interesting.

First of all, the biggest thing with any NFT project is making sure it’s legit. The risk of scams and rug-pulls is too high. That’s why The Nerd Club is partnered with Rad Rugs, which is its own NFT project that audits other projects and gives them a safety ranking. The Nerd Club received an A+ ranking, giving it that much more credibility.

Next, The Nerd Club is following a reliable, proven model by minting 10,000 unique NFT’s, reminiscent of BAYC. At first, this may seem like a negative to do something that’s already been done, but the Nerds differentiate themselves in some key ways:

1) Nerds is on the SOLANA blockchain while BAYC is on the Ethereum chain. Solana holds a few key advantages over Ethereum, including: a faster growing community, faster transactions, and cheaper transacti fees.

Fun fact: The Nerd Club was originally going to be on Ethereum, but the founders chose to pivot to Solana in order to save members a significant amount of money on gas fees. Pretty nerdy of them, sticking to a budget!

2) The Nerd Club is easier to identify with. “Nerds” represent a real segment of society with real people that can identify with that title. Instead of a club based around animals, The Nerd Club is creating an area in the NFT space for a community that exists in REAL LIFE.

3) The art is clever and cool, and in a different style than other NFT projects out there. They include key details that are common on the stereotypical “nerd”, like braces, glasses, and acne.

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The Nerd Club


One founder of The Nerd Club is a MAYC (Mutant Ape Yacht Club) holder (which gives him inside knowledge on the pros and cons of that style of project) and there’s over a decade of crypto experience among the founders. The developer, “swerve” is a moderator and consultant for Moody Krows, another NFT project that minted in October 2021.

Experience and involvement matters in the NFT community. Hopefully they can balance both projects. Or maybe even recruit some Krow holders over into The Nerd Club! Interconnectedness of communities is usually a good sign.

In any case, this project isn’t run by beginners or by ghosts (people that are impossible to identify). They’re real people who have real experience in the space. The team’s information can be found on Linkedin (just navigate to the “team” section of the website and click their pictures) and on one of the founder’s Twitter, here.


You can find the detailed road map for The Nerd Club here, but let me highlight some key events that are worth your time.

The first stage of the roadmap is fund allocation into a DAO bank (5% from initial minting, and 50% from the club’s secondary sources of income such as merch and secondary sales), which is intended to be used later on to fund the project’s activities.

In the second stage, 10% of secondary sales will go into marketing and advertising, helping bolster the community. As an investor it’s always a good sign to see reinvestment in a project, and as a community member it grows the amount of connections you can make. Nerds like to talk to nerds, and these funds will bring more of us together in the community, which creates more opportunities for everyone.

The third stage includes a HUGE charitable donation of 200 Solana to a charity picked by the DAO. It’s good to have fun, but it’s even better to make someone else’s life better.

In the fourth stage (75% of Nerds sold), things heat up for members who are looking for a good personal return. There’s a raffle in this stage! Nerds love gaming, so what better of a prize than a $5000 gaming computer?! The Nerd Club is going to raffle off FIVE of these computers to lucky holders as soon as 75% of the Nerds have been sold.

In the fifth and final stage of Roadmap 1.0 (so far, as there’s no telling what else will come as the project matures), once ALL of the Nerds have been sold, half of The Nerd Club holders will receive a “girl Nerd” companion NFT. In addition, the final perk of the roadmap includes the club GIVING AWAY a TESLA (or the equivalent of that in Solana). Imagine winning a Tesla from owning an NFT!

This is just the first roadmap.

A great perk of this project is the little surprises that come along the way and their plan involves more utility for holders, as well as their Roadmap 2.0.


One major perk of The Nerd Club is that it is NOT just a piece of digital art. They’re integrating membership into a game that they’ve just launched, and have forward-thinking future plans with a Metaverse. These games provides an opportunities for token holders to win awesome prizes. The top prize of their mini-game is 2 free mints of Nerds!

There are a couple contests/give-a-ways going on now, pictured below.

Giveaways and Contests

Right now in the discord, which you can join here, there is more information on these giveaways and competitions going on.

It’s really cool to see a project add so much value even before the mint is opened. Minting is scheduled for Dec. 17th, “where everyone on the whitelist can mint for 0.9 Sol” and the “public sale minting price is 2.5 Sol… The Presale starts at 8 pm UTC, the public sale follows at 10 pm UTC quickly after,” per the Nerd’s discord.

There is currently only ONE way to get whitelisted, and that is to invite 10 real members (not fakes or bots) to the discord channel, allowing you to secure that cheaper initial mint price.

The future looks bright, with their Roadmap 2.0 shown below:

Roadmap 2.0. – The Nerd Club

The mobile game sounds interesting and the Metaverse for Nerds is certain to be full of engaging experiences. In addition, they’re planning a real-life meetup at the end of 2022, which will allow networking and create a stronger community.

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The NERDS Have Come To Web 3!

Nerds gave us the web, and now they have a home. That’s why The Nerd Project is one of the hottest Solana NFT projects to watch in December 2021. What do you think?

Cheers, and happy NFT hunting!