The Guy On The Couch[Club] Review; The First Self-Care NFT

April 26, 2022


“Keep grinding, Don’t stop.” “Work harder.”

Do these words sound familiar?

Social media is full of people pushing agendas that you must keep hustling at all costs, thereby creating a belief that stopping or resting will make one fall behind or fail.

Consequently, there have been many cases of burnout and mass resignation. Even organizations, groups, and businesses are now starting to preach the importance of self-care and other strategies to alleviate burnout.

Fortunately, this movement is being incorporated into NFT and Blockchain technology. The Guy On The Couch[club] is the first NFT centered around mental self-care. The project aims to raise awareness of the lack of mental self-care, not just in the technology sector but in all areas of life.

The Guy On The Couch [club] project is preaching that it’s okay to reject more work or responsibilities, slow down and take some time off. Moreover, slowing down might just be the difference between failure and success.

However, what this project offers is much more than that. There are exclusive benefits and features for holders to enjoy.

Let’s demystify The Guy On The Couch[club] project and reveal why it’s unique among other NFT projects.

Quick Review.

Full name: The Guy On The Couch NFT.

Blockchain: Solana.

Mint Date: April 15, 2022.

Special Utility: Free merchandise and exclusive access to mental health forums.

Art & Economics

The Guy On The Couch[club] NFT is a collection of 10,000 guys lying on 10,000 couches. These are not just random guys. They are guys with dreams, hopes, aspirations, and different interests. They will follow their dreams and chase their interest, but right now, they are taking a necessary rest from hustling to reset mentally.

The Guy On The Couch NFT is the anti-hustle, semi-slacker, spirit animal everybody needs at a time in life. Spare some time and check out the Guys on the Couch as they undergo self-care.


The Guy On The Couch NFT promises holders and community members fantastic benefits. Holders collect NFT branded with free merchandise.

Furthermore, holders will have a unique avenue to forums from leaders in mental health, technology, and business. These professionals will share their understanding and coping strategies from their experience on how to maneuver through the myriads of life’s hustle and have a productive life.

The mental health forum will preach about self-care and its importance. That self-care is not selfish, and it’s what everybody should do to be present in our work and for our loved ones. Nobody is at their best selves when they are physically and mentally exhausted.

Sparing some time to regroup and refresh is paramount if we intend to be the very best in what we do.

“Most people are under pressure to keep working and doing more while breaking down due to social media. We intended to raise awareness in a pleasant and non-judgmental manner that stopping and taking a rest is perfectly natural.”

While the NFT is a symbol of Self-care, it’s simultaneously a tool for creating a non-judgmental environment where you can be seen as normal when taking the necessary break.

After all financial targets have been met, members can submit mental health organizations they’d want a part of the revenues to be donated.

The Guy On The Couch[club] website contains every detail of this fantastic project. Check it out here to get filled in on the project’s entirety.

The Guy On The Couch[club] Team

CJ, a [Guy], is the brain behind The Guy On The Couch project. As a guy who recently struggled from burnout during work and just recovering, he felt the NFT space is the right platform to harness the importance of mental self-care.

He was on a couch when he got the initiative, and the team who helped bring the project to reality are friends, coders, advisors, and designers. The Guy On The Couch[club] is the team now.


The Guy On The Couch[club] team has a well-planned roadmap with which the project is being developed. The roadmap is in five phases, and the website contains the full details. You can check it out here.

Phase 1

Create Effective and inspiring Art that denotes the essence of breaking without judgment for revitalization.

Phase 2

Trademark/Protecting the IP of The Guy on The Couch Brand.

Phase 3

Minting of the 10,000 unique members of The Guy on The Couch Collection at 0.5 sol Mint price on the website. Even though these [Guys] are relaxing, they still have their ability to accessorize intact. The Rarity chart will be available after the mint.

Phase 4

Merchandising will commence on the website after the minting is completed. Clothing, Home Goods, and other accessories to begin. The offerings will increase as the team partners with more brands.

The profits will be divided into halves. LLC will retain one half for operational cost, and the other half will be distributed to all holders through the couch coin crypto. Visit the website for more information.

Phase 5

Allocation of Secondary Market Royalties plus Branding opportunities.

Check the website for more information on how the royalties fee will be applied.

Final Note

The Guy On The Couch[club] project is the final product of incorporating global workplace burnout with the typical couch and NFT phenomena.