The TTC NFT Project – Upcoming Verified NFT Project In April 2022

April 11, 2022

The project comes with clear and exciting perks for members, such as unique NFT pieces and exceptional Metaverse experience. The NFT market is saturated, each project with its value proposition and utility, but TTC projects seem to be different with exciting features and benefits it promises members. The TTC NFT project is one of the upcoming verified NFT projects in April 2022 to watch.

Mint price: 0.15 ETH
Supply: 10000
Public sale date: 29th of April 2022 @ 12:00 am UTC
Special utility: VIP Access into Metaverse and Digital Racing

Let’s explore the perks and features built into this project.

Art & Economics

The Tiger clan is a city that features 10000 advanced Tigers NFTs that are ruling the world. The Tigers are unique in that no two Tigers are the same. Each with its characteristics and attributes. They are adorned with accessories such as spectacles, caps, swords, horns e.t.c. Why don’t you check out the fantastic designs on their website here?


The TTC project is not just an ordinary project, or at least we don’t think it is so. It’s a focus and community-driven project. The team intends to bring real-world like racing into Metaverse- a virtual world.

The Tiger Clan will fully integrate into Metaverse, particularly as digital racing. Your unique NFT will be your car in this digital racing. The project will combine both members and digital racing in the Metaverse for the NFTs owners.

What’s interesting about their digital racing is that AI will be an integral part of the racing engine. You know, in the usual online racing, algorithms determine the outcome by taking into account the strength and properties of participants. The shortcomings of such an algorithm are that racing becomes predictable and boring.

However, the TTC project seeks to be different by integrating  AI into racing. This AI makes it feel like a real-world experience. Everybody has equal chances of winning, and underdogs can snatch victories from the favorite.

All these are feasible because the project takes into account crucial parameters like:

  • The cars’ properties such as speed and agility.
  • Necessary past performance factors such as hot streaks and cold streaks.
  • Random occurrences such as injury, accidents, and engine failure.

There are many exciting features about the TTC project and the digital racing you will enjoy. Check their website to get first-hand information for yourself.

TTC Team

It’s not news that every solid project has a good team behind it. The team involved in the project comprises every expertise from required fields and areas.

The team consists of 20 individuals, and there are plans to hire more technical professionals. It includes in-house designers, UI/UX designers, and a team of frontend, backend, and blockchain developers.

The team engineers have 5-10 years of experience in software engineering. They are also vast in 3D models, 3D animation, and Artificial intelligence.

All team members understand that the world’s finest collectors cherish fine art and are aiming to do everything right to produce the best for the community.

The experienced team behind TTC project

The information is all there on their website. Check it out for yourself, and you will probably be convinced.


The project roadmap is in five phases, each consisting of a 20% plan for the project.

It’s a clear and well-detailed plan. It’s all on their website but let’s give a summary.

Phase 1

TTC will begin with a limited number of unique NFTs.The team will launch 10k items consisting of distinct fine art pieces—each piece with its uniqueness and distinct production process.

TTC understands quite well the value of fine art. With the high standards they set, they are working steadily to develop the best Tigers NFTs, which will launch by April 15.

Phase 2

We have said before that TTC is a community-driven project. For this phase, TTC will launch exciting new raffle draws, NFT token giveaway events, and Airdrops. They will randomly select investors and reward them with gifts and unique prizes.

TTC will offer raffle winners a distinct Tiger NFT with a unique ID. Having a unique personal Tiger is exciting.

Furthermore, They will choose winners by their ID, and each will collect their unique Tiger right after connecting with the team.

Phase 3

TTC will build a 3D animation of cars with Investor’s NFT Tigers on it. Don’t you want to see a Tiger motor running? It’s amazing.

However, only Tiger holders will be qualified to join the exclusive online race. The team will generate fascinating car pictures that blend Tiger IDs and their distinct colors.

 Phase 4

After the racing begins, the team will launch the TTC token in phase 5 after the implementation of  Metaverse integration. Interestingly, After the launch of the Tiger Clan tokens, all NFTs owners will be rewarded with the token.

Phase 5

TTC uses AI to manage races, so the software determines the winner of each race. The phase will birth the extension of a 3D animation of all objects and vehicles, including Tigers, boats, horses, dogs e.t.c

The team promises digital racing beyond imagination. Are you not awed? We advise you to join the community here.


The team highlighted three different ways to get whitelisted for the pre-sale. You can join with either of these ways.

  • Reach level 3 in their leveling system- you can reach this level by being active on their Discord server. The more active you are, the more XP you will gain.
  • Input your Email on the TTC website and stand a chance to get whitelisted
  • Join their social media giveaways.

Other Benefits

The TTC project is packed with more than just NFTs and digital racing. There are exciting real-life perks and features the NFTs holder will enjoy.

The privileged TTC family will enjoy member-only benefits, TTC tokens, and membership cards. The TTC token will be launched by August 2022.

The NFT market is filled with numerous projects at the moment. However, the TTC project stands to be unique and not just an NFT. They are a Metaverse gaming company that will give members exceptional Metaverse and web3 experience.

We can’t explore all the perks and features of the TTC project, but there’s a lot to love about it. From the art to the team and the benefits the community promises, it’s well-positioned to be one of the best upcoming verified NFT projects in April 2022.

Do you want to Join the Tiger Clan? Connect with them on their website and social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Discord.