Upcoming NFTs with Passive Income in 2022

December 22, 2021

How to earn passive income with NFTs? In this article, you can read about potential NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) projects that could produce passive income in 2022. As you probably know with NFTs you are able to invest in collectibles and make money passively from them.

Some NFTs have a big potential for passive income, some of them not. Recently, CyberKong holders were earning $800 a day by holding a single NFT. Now, of course, these NFTs are much more expensive. But, their original price was only a few hundred dollars each.

We will explore how NFTs can actually yield semi-sustainable passive income just by holding them. After, we’re going to give a few examples of upcoming NFT projects with passive income in 2022.

Our first advice is: Make sure you’re active within the project’s Discord, as this will help you stay in the loop if you have to sell.

Best Ways to Earn Pasive Income with NFTs

The first one is buying NFT and getting rewarded with $TOKEN. Basically, how this works is an NFT project will launch alongside a native token. NFT holders are then rewarded a certain number of tokens on a regular basis, simply for holding that NFT. Usually, it’s done daily. This can be very profitable if the NFT token takes off in price. An example of this is the BearX (this is not a recommendation to buy), a collection of 3,700 genesis bears. By owning a BearX, NFT holders get 10 $ROOT tokens a day, which at current prices is about $10.

The second way of passive income through NFTs is profit sharing. NFT projects make money through direct sales and royalties on future trades, and certain NFT projects will share this income with NFT holders. As a kind of thanks for being a member and an incentive to stay a holder because you keep making money. Now what’s interesting is a passive income with NFTs can allow you to minimize the typical risk that comes with investing in NFTs.

The next form of passive income is through NFT staking. So certain projects will have a dashboard built that allows you to lock up or stake your NFT in order to be rewarded in that project’s native token. This is the smart way because it incentivizes people both to buy and hold long-term instead of continually flipping their NFTs.

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How to Avoid High Gas Fees on Ethereum Blockchain?

Believe me or not, but this question has a lot in common with passive income. Now you can!

This is great news for all NFT buyers who want to make transactions on the Ethereum blockchain but hate the $100 plus gas fee.

FTX.us allows you to buy Ethereum NFTs with no gas fees on bidding, buying, selling, or listing. NFTs and platform fees are 20 percent lower than OpenSea. They’re able to do this by offering in-house custody of assets, which also offers great security.

FTX.us is a blockchain platform that allows you to purchase both Ethereum and Solana NFTs. They’re also the first open NFT marketplace to allow trading on their mobile app. At the moment this platform helps you avoid high gas fees on the Ethereum blockchain.

Top 3 Projects That Could Generate Passive Income

Let’s go now. We are going to break down 3 NFTs projects (you can actually afford them) that yield passive income.

Disclaimer: The Content is for informational purposes only, you should not construe any such information or other material as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice. 

#1: Star Atlas on Solana

Star Atlas is a blockchain game built on the Solana platform. Players can enjoy absolute freedom, earn ATLAS tokens while playing the game, and explore a metaverse with an open economy.

ATLAS had a market cap of over $400 million in the month of November. There is a current circulating supply. It has a maximum supply of 36 billion.

#2: Loopy Donuts on Ethereum

Volume is decent right now, but we are seeing approx. 20 sales per day, which could show some good signs of life. It really depends if they’re able to complete their $CHILL token and actually make it worthwhile. What we’d recommend you do is jump into the discord and dig in and see if they’re actually evolving.

The LPBC NFT Project: One of the Best Upcoming Solana NFT Projects in January 2022

#3: Orca on Solana

Orca is a pure AMM DEX on Solana, which has its liquidity pools, another DEX for which the TVL has exploded in the last two months, and has crossed the USD 1 billion mark. In short, it enables users to carry out swaps and liquidity pools.

As more features are coming on Orca, they expect liquidity to go up over time. It’s inspiring to see what the features will be in the future.

Orca App

NFT Projects That Make Passive Income Continue to Grow

There are many ways to invest money in the future, but passive income is one of the most lucrative methods for achieving financial freedom. Whether you have an entrepreneurial spirit or not, NFT projects are a great way to start earning passive income.

Keep in mind that NFT space is very new and very volatile, so don’t ever expect best-case scenarios at the last type of passive income. Follow us on Twitter and be the first to know about the most promising NFT projects.