Wolves of Doge Street is set to go LIVE! 

December 18, 2022

Having entered Q3 of 2022, according to plan, Wolves of Doge Street is on track to become the world’s next top collection of non-fungible tokens.

With the hype around NFTs starting to die down, the market has whittled down the FOMO-driven crowd to only serious investors. Buyers are hunting for quality and utility-infused projects with a strong sense of community, aesthetic appeal, a clear central vision and long-term promise.

Fortunately, the Wolves of Doge Street ecosystem is equipped with a well-rounded offering. In a short time, the WODS Genesis collection will go live, giving prospective buyers the chance to become part of the community. 

Who Exactly are the Wolves of Doge Street? 

Wolves of Doge Street is a collection of non-fungible tokens centered around one primary goal; to complete one good deed daily. In many ways, WODS is a nod to iconic projects that paved the way for the success of other collections. These releases played a significant role in pushing and shaping the progress of the NFT movement.

As stated earlier, the WODS ecosystem takes inspiration from these projects; at the same time, however, the team remains conscious of the need for originality. Hence the Wolves of Doge Street embraces innovation in its design and utility. A prime example is their Genesis NFT collection; these tokens carry elements of the original DOGE Shiba Inu. The Shiba Inu functioned as the catalyst for the project; however, WODS throws in some interesting turns.

By introducing a wolf-like exterior, the project provides buyers with characters with distinctive identities paired with an independent turn. This bold outlook reflects the perspective and approach of the Wolves of Doge Street as a collective entity. 

What the WODS Ecosystem Offers Holders

The aforementioned Genesis collection is the first ticket to becoming part of the Wolves of Doge Street Community. Holders gain exclusive access to a network of individuals with whom they can connect and collaborate. Owning a WODS Genesis token translates to insight into cutting-edge developments in the Web3 and crypto sphere. 

The WODS ecosystem doubles as an NFT community and an investment center. Wolves of Doge Street is on the lookout for chances to leverage creative and innovative entries into the Web3 and NFT industry. A core goal of the project is to discover the next era of creators, from artists to DAPP developers, and function as a springboard for their individual offerings.

By joining this space, Genesis holders get to be a part of this, filling multiple roles as visionaries, investors and much more. It is agreed within the growing WODS community that Genesis holders can withstand anything.   

Passive Income Opportunities and Other NFT Offerings 

Following the Genesis release, the Wolves of Doge Street team has plans for an additional exciting rollout. A packed collection dubbed the board will join the WODS ecosystem. At this point, Genesis owners gain access to yet another significant benefit of their tokens. All holders will be airdropped a free non-fungible token from what essentially forms the WODS core; The Board.

Following the airdrop, the Board non-fungible tokens will provide a wide range of perks. This includes entry into the digital asset acquisition club. Being part of this entails membership in an elite group of prospective buyers presented with the chance to buy assets or properties in the virtual plane.

The Board holders can also earn passive income via various means. To start with, they can stake their tokens to earn passive income. Additionally, they can help promote the oncoming wave of NFT projects. The WODS team has plans to establish the WODS foundation, an institution that can bolster the rise of various upcoming projects. 

Genesis owners get 5% from these new collections, whereas The Board holders gain 10% from these projects. A long-term goal of the Wolves of Doge Street is to bring aboard real-world projects that align with the community values, and these will double as investment opportunities for holders. 

Another avenue through which participants in the WODS ecosystem may generate income is through the DOGE2EARN development program. DOGE2EARN houses a range of decentralized apps that connect users while allowing them to make earnings. The program already features a move-to-earn app that pushes community members to stay mobile for fiscal incentives. To further increase the fun and their income, participants can involve their real-life DOGES (dogs) and track their movements with a GPS-enabled dog leash.

A crucial part of all the projects underneath the Wolves of Doge Street ecosystem is its native deflationary currency, the $WODS token. It functions as a reward token and facilitates transactions and other features of the network.


Overall, WODS prides itself on first being a community; it bolsters its members; however, it bears a visible focus on growth outside of itself. The Wolves of Doge Street ecosystem is committed to bringing out the best of the Web3 space and pushing the broader expansion of the NFT industry. The Genesis collection and other listed components are only the beginning. 


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